Have A Nice Day
Greetings from kontaakt

Steam rolled up from the dish with fresh-cooked spaghetti. U pulled handy out, then took some photos of it and saved them. This digitized jolly-meal has been kept in U’s cellphone in obscurity for a while. Months later it has been accidentally found again, when U was having a time in relax and revising the photo album.

U noticed that the delight of the (happy-meal) moment has been buried in history. Then U decided to upload the photos online (-SNS), to make the process of memory more definitive and somehow effective to remind. What U shared is only a photo of what U just ate for lunch, which is not that special at all. (‘Food’ is included in the 1) Physiological part according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, as one of the basics at the bottom of the pyramid.) But unexpectedly, it seemed like it did something indeed. Other SNS users began to give quite positive comments on the photo. And their feedbacks made U’s neurons dance. U’s meal is now being assessed. Also, the ‘Meal’ itself extended its meaning; [to be; selected as proper food (to share or to get good comments) – photographed – digested – posted and shared – evaluated – reminisced – repeated]. Throughout the procedure, U experiences so many thoughts and feelings are in and out of U’s mind. (In accordance with Maslow’s idea, after the ‘food’ part – picture, eat then post – is done, 2) the Safety needs – to feel vulnerable and nervous – starts to ring alarm until any single reaction comes out. Mostly this doesn’t take so much time. Sooner or later there come the next ones; 3) Social belonging – willing to be ‘liked’ by other users, 4) Esteem – get other’s respect and have self-confidence with photos, 5) Self-actualization – a power and a motivation to do a new ‘Meal’.)

However, like everyone knows, digital-content-users get easily bored due to repetitive pattern of photos. They just scroll down. U found out that U is not very different from them. Therefore, U starts to take photos in some different angles and downloads 3 or 4 photo editing apps. The showtime is on again. Now, other digital users see modified photo. It is same ‘food’ picture, but at the same time they see this as ‘image itself’, which is posted on a shared platform in their hands. The original figure or color of food is not the biggest issue for them anymore. Without realizing it, they consider this ‘image itself’ is the truth that they have to see. It is not only U’s photo. Others also fulfill their timeline with their modified photos as if they are synchronized somehow. Those posts separate the digital space from the space that we actually live in.

We have been thinking about the sincereness of modified pictures on timeline. They themselves form new time, new space, and new meanings. But those are actually the ghosts. People wear masks, follow the ghosts and find comfort from behind the masks. It could be sincere, if that is what they believe. Though they don’t set their minds on the properties of matter (proto-food). Which, with curves, lines, bunch of bumps or circles, or some high gloss. ‘Modify’ means ‘erase prototype and make new syndrome’ to us. Again, can it be considered as ‘real’?

We observed objects and thought how can we not omit the properties of proto-matters, when we convert them into images. We chose everyday meal as our subject just like U. Like many other SNS users do, we also used mobile camera but without editing. The built-in flash gave us the chance to find out the frozen moment, and so we could look closer like we were watching under a microscope.

This book is either our research or report. So hereby you will see (our) captured moment of substance itself as food. You might just flip through the pages like you scroll down the screen in your hand. But at some points, if the flipping stopped and your eyes fixed, you will see what we spotted.

Published in October, 2018
200 Editions
100x135mm, 448pp
offset printing
sewn binding with pvc cover