Workshop with kontaakt

It always comes with a mystery to talk about my favorite things and why I like them. When I am in love with something, I get to look closely at it, then sometimes take a picture, and post it on SNS.

I listen to music, I read a book. I write down some lovely lines and hum a few notes. Everybody has their own tastes. The lines from the music and the book must be different by you and me. Each of us is in synch with our own favorites.

Choosing something and responding immediately to it, suggest more than you think. For the most part it tells our tastes, tendency, or even our perspective of seeing things that has been latent.

「PHOTO-JAM」 is a workshop to create your own stories and visualize them through objects and words. The workshop requires an impromptu and instant choices through several steps. Participants are going to restructure stories with objects in a brief space of time and to create visual results.

Let's see what magic happens, when there is a mixture of object, language, and image. Every participant will create an image in a certain way and through a certain process, but all of them will be different.

The visuel will be superimposed onto each other and be collected under one cover as a zine called 「PHOTO-JAM」. Images, which started with different senses, will start to connect one another.
「PHOTO-JAM」 may be stored for a long time and be filled with various flavors in our mind jar.

Date: Saturday May 25, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: 5F Studio E, RYSE Hotel
Inquiry: news@rysehotel.com